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Security flaws in Tesla Cars

Makan Abazari’s review on flaws in design of F35 and Tesla cars. Thanks to simulation tea. of Air and Space Bird Sprays Operation, I recently was trying to run away from classified agency in streets of Boston. A great pursuit leading to arrival at Tesla car show in back Bay Area Boston.

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Russia Presidential Election

There are several global security and stability reasons making us to keep Vladimir Putin as President Of Russia. Putin must remain President Of Russia. We cannot risk change of the President Of Russia at this era of great instability and disagreement between mind control factions. Specially at the time when Trump Presidency has brought a period of wild and unpredictable moves. America being a great contributor to global instability forces us to desire Putin as President Of Russia. We have strengthened Chinese President and finally formed the coalition government in Germany under Merkel leadership. It is matter of great importance for us to have Vladimir Putin emerge as victor in Russia Presidential Election. A decree by Makan Abazari

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Rakhine State and Genocide of Muslims to confront masses converting to Islam

Did you know over a million (some estimate as Much as Holocaust) have died in Myanmar alone in during last 3 years. The smell of decomposing bodies have had filled whole era around mass graves.

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Russian-British Relations

Makan Abazari’s version of events. Silence, Eye also has the same opinion but refuses to confirm or Reject. (Eye: My English is better than Makan.) (Trump: Not us, I swear we did not do it.)

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Arab Spring: Egypt and Libya

Arab Spring failed by coup in Egypt and break down of UN backed government in Libya made void all of its achievments. Syria became a bloody mess that destroyed a prosperous nation. Yemen became the worst humanitarian disaster in years. Arab spring failed. There is small ray of light shining through the key hole on the door that blocks democracy and freedom. Does anyone has the key? Makan: I have a key let me try. It may work

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Royal Slap 2: How to punish Trump’s Tariff on Aluminum and Steel

If USA is not conforming with World Trade Organization Rules then why Europe should? EU should design a plan that targets American strategic sectors that use Aluminum and Steel other than automobile industry. If there is a sectors and final products which use Aluminum for more expensive and higher end products. Tarrif will increase the… Continue reading Royal Slap 2: How to punish Trump’s Tariff on Aluminum and Steel

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Cost of Mike Pompeo

Cost of Mike Pompeo
 Mike Pompeo is wrong choice for world order and world security while it is a bad choice for American standing globally. The State Department is Pirated. (((There will be an Article in Coming Days to discuss this change in details and concerning its outcomes))) I made Trump the President. All of the media, Mind Control, and Trump Administration assets where used against Trump and yet I succeeded in making a President out of Trump. I helped America to rise up and released State Department during summer 2017 and set America years ahead. But you mind controlled Trump to talk about Sanctioning Iran and from there I started confronting him. (Uncle Sam: everything goes to Makan Abazari or goes to Iran but you withheld both Makan’s and started targeting Iran. You targeted them both thus USA lost Makan.) They pirated the White House. During Presidential election I allied with Jeff Session to make Trump the President. Later mike Pence introduced as the guy that represents me to unite specific part of Republican Party but I knew since RNC that Pence choice will lead to impeachment of Trump so I protected the Trump during golden era for Impeachment, I still have control mechanisms to remove Trump. That is not even hard. Then later they told me that AIPAC and Zionist Party are also supporting. I did not want to have them but agreed to accept their support under condition that we can keep them in control. It was our deal. But the White House is pirated. The Lobbyist had his hand on congress sit, then top of CIA, and now Secretery Of State. The assets Zionist Party has in White House, state Department, and other places are very bad for my interests and US National Interests. Mr Trump I was wrong when I made you the President. It will be a lesson for me to not allow people like you into my White House and into circle of those supported by me. I felt bad for you because you were targeted by full force of mind control. You were brought low so I helped you. I change countries and borders by a decree in an evening. But for Trump I fought. The problem is that you are Pirated mind, White House is pirates house, and our government is pirate ship. So you will not have me on your side as long as it Is the case. I should not have accepted AIPAC and Israeli supporters in this process. This USA of ours needs liberation. Until then I have constituency in EU, Middle East, South America, and Far East to protect from this White House, its president which I created. Pompeo is a wrong choice. Makan Abazari The King of Kings The Commander in Chief of The Right Side of World War (Information, cold, hot, and soft)

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British Parliament Case

Stop distracting my British Parliament (house of commons) with so much worthless things. That is why you are failing. Did you start the protection mechanisms I told you we need now and at the time of Brexit for strategic sectors and corporations? Did you start buy back of privatized National Asset? (Some of it) Did… Continue reading British Parliament Case


North Korean Earth and South Korean Earth, then Separation Barrier As defender of the rest, Sphere and Hemispheres, the Planet Earth.

North Korean Earth and South Korean Earth, then Separation Barrier As defender of the rest, Sphere and Hemispheres, the Planet Earth. At the time of Korean War US and South Korea fought tooth to nail. It was not just battle for Korea but it was battle for the earth. America had nuclear bombs while North […]

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Slovakia Case

" What is this mega meddling in Slovakia? Why target the government when it is Mafia and certain elements in government that are involved. People Who don’t have anything to do with elected officials? There are people appointed for office who conduct the business of day to day management of affairs and corruption is deeply… Continue reading Slovakia Case

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Japan Abe’s White Water Case

I just saw you created White Water Case Remake for Shinzo Abe, in Japan. Come on it is Clinton all over again it seems. Do you have well trained Space Monkey, Monika to have sexual game with Mr Abe too? we keeping that Shinzo Abe. He stays and there are far more important reasons to… Continue reading Japan Abe’s White Water Case

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Document on requirement USA needs to meet by Office Of Intelligence Communication and Makan Abazari as Shadow signatory of JCPOA and this Document

We have said in the past hostility and crimes of USA and France against Iran are so extensive that nothing will be tolerated. (CIA: please don’t detail that since we don’t it explained again here) 1- America requiring recertification Of Nuclear deal with Iran will keep America under periodic financial and economic attacks. We are… Continue reading Document on requirement USA needs to meet by Office Of Intelligence Communication and Makan Abazari as Shadow signatory of JCPOA and this Document

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Governing March/10/2018: Hyper-loops, Silk Road Project, Nuclear Reactor For Saudis, Nigeria and Venezuela Refineries

Governance of the earth March/10/2018 Silk Road, One Road One belt Intitive I need OBOR built fast. I need that Silk Road Rail roads built in one to two years. Hire as many people as you need and produce the material as China most certainly can. The only barrier would be architecting and designing The… Continue reading Governing March/10/2018: Hyper-loops, Silk Road Project, Nuclear Reactor For Saudis, Nigeria and Venezuela Refineries

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Rules of Investment in Iran

There has been discussion on having Iranians join supply chain of many industries. Because System rather to have each part of an manufacturing in a different nation. But There is a point that makes Iran very attractive for investment. Iran has access to fuel, energy, industrial sectors, mines, and talents to host any type and… Continue reading Rules of Investment in Iran

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Terrorism, God and Science, Pattern Of World Events, and teaching Islam by Science

From Buku Haram to Scientific Islam and from Scientific Islam to Buku Haram. September 11 and Financial Collapse Of 2009. The Trump Presidency and Mind Control enduring Hate toward Islam

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Election Meddling by Psychological Programing

This is first in a series of Article that reviews role of mind control in influencing elections around the earth. This is very general explanation of impact some engineered events can have. There is also some explanation on Mind Manipulation and how they fit in election. (Excuse my imperfection but there is a war and… Continue reading Election Meddling by Psychological Programing

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The back door communication

The demoralized soldiers of Yanukovich where weakened by mind control. Rule number one you never trust USA government. They lie and cheat. They are not a good pal or big brother you can trust. They are not like me, but I am like a young brother. They mind control you so you find it as… Continue reading The back door communication

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Steel, Aluminum, and so much Peanuts

If you scrap #NAFTA and make new trade deal with Canada and Mexico you will be far worst harmed than you may think. 10 and 25 percent Tariff is nothing compared to the effect of changing of NAFTA. NAFTA is complex work and has been prepared with great difficulty as almost inclusive trade agreement with… Continue reading Steel, Aluminum, and so much Peanuts

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The report on crash of Russian Cargo Military Plane

Russian Cargo Planes Antonov An-26 could be sabotaged by Electromagnetic Weapons or Mind Control Of Repairmen to do lazy job when servicing the planes. Specially since there were large number of Military Official onboard it increases the likelihood of use of mind control and remote manipulation in bringing down Of Russian Antonov An-26. Past such incidents are very frequent in other countries where America and Israel have been waging a silent war. Example, was several such incidents in Quick succession in Iran and against revolutionary corps in Iran in this decade. I can guarantee that there was such moves against Russian Planes by USA and its mind control agency.

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World Order

World Order Material from Office of Intelligence Communication includedI own Britain, Commonwealth, Spain, France, and USA I won them in 2016 and 2017. AS I won the USA by winning as Trump. You have hijacked my America and established pirates on top of that government of USA. Using my property against me. (I have practically… Continue reading World Order

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The Industrialists whispers and secrets of trade

The tarif on Imports of Steel and Aluminum has several consequences and bring opportunities for many players. First thing is increase in the price of Downstream products produced in America by imported Aluminum and Steel. Thus making American made products less attractive for global trade and competition. Thus we have the following suggestion. The industry in USA that use imported aluminum and steel can be moved out of America to a country that provides cheaper access to aluminum and steel. By moving these industries out of USA we reduce the cost of the production by reducing supply costs. Now remember these industries usually move to China and we don’t want all to go to China. So we have proposition of Brazil and Iran as destination of these industries. If you want access to industrial scale production of Aluminum, steel, copper and many other materials Iran is the chose. Iran can make majority of metal grades and which Iran is lacking we can build together within a month as industry that produces that desired grade. Then we make end products made from aluminum and steel locally in Iran and I have ports in Iran and Pakistan for near access to Asia and EU markets. I have connected my industries, ports, mines, and cities in Iran with roads, rail roads, and in some cases I have designated special road straight from my Industrial zone to mines and transit hubs bypassing common transit infrastructure. Map shows two roads in Iran but I have 10000 roads cross Eurasian continent and between zones in Iran that are not even on the map. We can experience a period of industrialization for Iran (like old times) to make profit and provide the condition needed to develop Africa, South America, and disadvantaged nations of Middle East. I have most skilled workforce for machinery and metal fabrication in Iran. We can make anything you want locally as a custom made perception engineering products to industrial scale machinery manufacturing. I have absolute bests available with workshops to do this. German Industrialists German Industrialists: I would need access to this people and help to find other sectors like polymers, part manufacturing, and other industries available locally to intergrade to my sector for final product. Makan: I need to see if Mind control guarantees guidance on that and if not I have started Business Corporate Intelligence for Iran, USA, Russia, and Britain each independent from the other nation. They can provide the information after we get security clearance for the investor. For Mind Control Management and help to reduce the formality I need to see what is the situation on the ground. Brexit negotiator Brexit Negotiator: I need Air Cargo hubs so we can deliver a product from Australia, Canada, or Britain over night to and from Iran. Makan: I have been working on this and I may build several such cargo air ports. We are thinking about using part of Khomeini Air Port for Cargo and if not I can use my Space Race bases that are in classified places guarded by Autonomous Defense to quickly build air ports for delivery of goods to and from Iran in one day. Then I can deliver the machinery, turbine, and other parts of industries on Air Plane Cargo wings to your colonization projects and bases from Iran to Far reaches of Earth in less than 20 hours. Then we can assemble an industry in Congo or Zimbabwe in less than a week. Makan: I am also in process of trade marking a Construction team with ultra rapid construction capabilities. I can build buildings in no time. Now we add mind control to Iran, Both Of US: we can build Empire State in no time and for maximum efficiency we can out smart bottle necks and build 7 High rise around it as extra. (Bottle necks make a 1 month project of building Empire State to 2 to 3 month project so we use the available capability to build 7 more around it while we building Empire State in one summer) Makan: shut up we don’t want to talk about that. I meant building a manufacturing or industrial building in no time. If not made from bricks we can build one with current Iranian capability very rapidly, depends on scale of operation and location. Come on I was kidnapped by Mafia and I was held in a black site for 105 days and when I came out they had built a city around it. There is no better opportunity than this. If you want to avoid sanctions and such we can export the supplies to turkey and Iraq from Iran and assemble them there for global trade and market. Makan: I also have cheap work force of Pakistan to assemble final products and ports for exports instead of Turkey and Iraq. South Koreans: We can also build electronics and we got mines for these in Iran Makan: We can have broad and medium scale processor and electronic manufacturing and larger scale electronic assembly but I need those mines for future endeavors and not interested in large scale mining for electronics. I am also working on theta hertz and nano electronics so we need to be smart when we doing that. Also we need to end this cell phone shopping rush, we need those metals used in electronics for future. So much waste for Dollar Napkins using metals to build a new cell phone every month, let us build a most secure and most advanced phones and keep them for years. End the culture of electronic consumerism. An advertisement: We , Makan’s Iranian Team: We can also do it as contract to build Iraq and Syria. We can even build industries to produce construction material in Iraq and Syria for free construction material, and we leave the mine and industry for manufacturing supply for Syria and Iraq to use.


I wrote our strategy for Italy we are going to do that I also have this material added

Some of the goals of 5 Stars movement are naive. fast trains could be limited to 1 connecting Rome to Turin. We need rail roads that set priority to meeting more industrial zones along the way than connecting main cities the fastest way. 100 percent clean energy is void. We will have investment on wise… Continue reading I wrote our strategy for Italy we are going to do that I also have this material added

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Italian Election

I support 5 Star Movement The Italian economy has been aggressively targeted in recent years. The strategic location of South Italy provides an excellent opportunity for an economy based around strategic position of Italy, shipping industry, and a network of rail roads to provide inter connected system of industries and infrastructures. These give ability to establish industries, factories, and manufacturing sectors while having access to sea based shipping to all over the globe. Now we want to produce all tiers of products in supply chains from low tech to high tech products, cars, and high value industrial products. The proximity to North Africa, Spain, East, and West Africa, and Middle East provide great opportunity for integrated network of trades and synchronized industries. There are also opportunities with developing regional interconnected Synchronized industry based on geopolitics of Italy, example, triangle of Pescara, Bari, and Makaraska via sea trade (Makaraska in Croatia and can be connected to Sarajevo and Mostar) Makan: “That triangle was one of my seal of Power you know that?‘ Another one is Hepta Metropolis of Naples, Rome, Messina, San Ferdinando, Cagliari, Tripoli and Tunis. These are old system on our earth for Economic Systems now forgotten as isolated cities. Welcome to New World Order of the Earth. We will connect Italian ports via rail road n a way that they go to different cities and industrial hubs along the way. Thus providing logistics for the Core I am building around Southern Italy. Italian core in Central and South Italy will be core of our Industries. After integrating North Africa, Balkan, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Israel, Syria, and my capital will be there from Iranian corridor through Iraq and Syria to Mediterranean forming a most powerful economic block in recent history. That way we will become a super power capable of confronting China and USA in one central Earth from Middle East to Mediterranean Sea. We can also claim our share of the earth and be partners with East and West. Chao Italy it is me, Iran (Persia). Do you want to fight me for Syria like old times? Let us be friends. Do you want to be with me like older times? We are here with silent hands just want to tell you we are here to rebuild Rome with the help of Makan , Prince of Persia and The King of Earth (Uncle Sam: Also Shadow Prince of CIA). We will be using these Sea based location for making a supply chain for all sectors including but not limited to manufacturing, oil refineries, and high tech products. We can also build a wide variety of nanoengineering, engineering, precision engineering, Biotechnology, and space exploration techs as I have Eastern, Western, and Northern Technological states as stars on my flag (Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Russian Space techs, and technological sectors of USA). We use young population of North Africa for lower cost production while we use Cities like Naples for Strategic Sectors and Assembly Lines. Naples reminded me of Detroit the core of Northern USA System. We need to rebuild Naples the core of Mediterranean. It cannot be left malfunctioning like that. We finish Sarajevo to Makaraska transit line and build a synchronized Industry for Southern Italy in Bosnia and Balkan. It is time for Italy to work with Tunisia, Spain, Croatia, Libya, and Bosnia to build a 5 countries economic arms of the new Central Italian Century (I support 5 Star Movement) I am working on a middle Eastern and Mediterranean Economic Union. I have Spain, Greece, Balkan, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Arab Spring (North Africa) as Allies. We can work together and bring back the old world systems to Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Economic blocks thus reviving the lost world and sectors in a synchronized and modern way. Well I also have China, Brazil. Africa, Russia, ‘Sometimes Yes sometimes No for America and France’ and Great Britain but my Capital is a settlement in Iran. What is needed is a well-planned and synchronized economic development plan for Italy along with Tunisia, Libya, Balkan, and Spain to be integrated into Italy. Italy do you want to join my flag as 5 Stars forming a Star centered at Rome. I am here ,Prince of Persia, to rebuild The Rome. I support 5 star Movement My name itself is The Seal of Seals, I am the King of Earth Makan Abazari

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Nuclear Spaceships for deep space travel

Several Designs for Nuclear powered spaceships. We are still developing parts of these technologies and watching others who are developing different categories of technologies which we will need to integrate into final product. We already taken into account the possible outcome of developments in other sectors. We just need the raw data for few works. There is multiple known and unknown technologies that NASA and Ruscosmos can use. also thanks to Iranian Royal Air and Space Academy and those whose Identity we kept secret for their own protection, a work by Makan Abazari , @ Makan Energies, and A @ Criers Intellectual Property

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Big Bang, Big Bang Particles from Origin to Evolution Of Universe (draft)

See Big Bang produced waves. Its own radiation of sort. Since the wavelength never reaches zero. At the time of Big Bang there is radiation coming out and that is far smaller wave length than anything we ever captured. So they are not visible to our eyes and mean of signal gathering, they are not even around us. Since big bangs start from super condensed structures with most compact composition. When the perfect situation ended it resulted in a change. That change could have been sudden like Big Bang it slowly like radiation with certain points of accelerated release of its matter. There could have been several mini Big Bang from same point of origin across time. Think about it like a super condensed atom. Think about Magnetars and pulsars. Then think about magnetar as a condition of a super condensed matter into atom of sort. Then point of big bang being something far more condensed than that. A matter condensed and condensed. The first radiation from Big Bang could have been in form of condensed matter and condensed particles similar to Big Bang, as it went on they kept on unwrapping the quantum field from condensed to less and less condensed. Thus think about series of single super condensed matter emitting out of Big Bang. Each one of these would have over times become less and less condensed to point of forming matter as large as an atom while having mass as much as galaxy. Then each of these may have formed bigger structure in Factor XYZ collision wit each other in their journey. Since the dispersion of these matters was not in a uniform way to every direction. Rather it was dictated by the super structure of Big Bang and the consequent event on moving particles and following mini Big Bang. That has lead to scenarios and condition along the way to form super structures again. Then each of these particles undoubtedly have had substantial gravity. Each effecting the emission and direction of unwrapping Of each other. Thus each would have given birth to a galaxy or several galaxies. These would have not produced galaxies all at the same time, since the density (number of Big Bang particles in unit of space) of such Big Bang particles in space has been different in different locations and in relation to each other. The perfect condition for birth of galaxy was needed for these to be suddenly producing a galaxy from a Big Bang particles. The perfect condition was dictated by their location and the influence of other Big Bang particles and energy they have provided as coalition that provided and their gravitation. (There could have been collation a that caused fusion) the gravitational effects of other such particles could have had effected direction in which the galaxy had expanded. The shape of galaxies are also influenced by the Big Bang super condensed origin particle. By the composition and classified the Big Bang particles were condensed and packaged into original Big Bang particles. By the way the black holes could be far larger than what astronomers assume. They could be ocean of stars in which light can not escape in super condensed appearance to our comprehension of space. The bigger a black hole to our telescopes the bigger the actual blackhole? Not always it could be due to effects of gravity of blackhole that make it appear as such. By the way the Big Bang origin that was slowly emitting waves and then dispersing Big Bang particles would have jammed the image of space as it relates to galaxies to Big Bang origin as stars to a black hole within a galaxy. Then there can be points of super condensed matter. Example when we look at orientation of Galaxies. They are moving fast, and they are disordered not randomly but in clusters and moving on orbits of sort. Thus there is a Big Bang particle cluster in space that forces the location and orbital path of galaxies. There can be several location of these Big Bang particles and clusters. There could even be one moving through our atmosphere twisting our galaxy but it’s gravitation not be sensed in our level of gravitation. Because all gravitational forces are not created equally. For classified information on different types of gravitation and what I need for mars and Jupiter experiments check out my audio file the day I come from Gym and am teaching mind control of Brookline. Once home I see they have lots of disturbances to prevented me from writing. That is why (we need Makan Abazari out of Brookline MA 02445), (Mind Control 2: the Audio was gathered by electromagnetic waves scanning air particles movement in relation to his sound and scanning his lip movement and electromagnetic activity of his brain) By Makan Abazari and secret keepers of air space Thank to Middle man Also you will find disturbances and negative effects of Local Mind Control, hackers, and Brookline MA mind control Mafia complex (so they can still these for something as worthless as a thesis) We need Makan Abazari out of places that they can teach him. Did you know we would have cured cancer if the Muslim Haters Of Mind Control have not attacked Makan Abazari? They did not like a Muslim guy preaching Islam and being known for science and bioengineering We need Makan Abazari out of Brookline MA

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How terror attacks are being used to change geopolitical and political maps, your reaction to Terror Attacks Matter

A teaching Material on Reason behind Rise Of Far Right in Europe.We used applied principles of some of most classified secrets of Earth to discuss the reason behind this phenomena.

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General Joseph Vogel lied to Senate Armed forces committee

USA military Misleading Senate We can see USA military actively taking part in missleading Senate Armed Force Committee. It is is a crime to lie to USA Senate and Congress. USA military fulfilling its part in engaging information war on USA Senate and Congress. They want to keep them miss informed so they cannot full fill their roles as representatives and law makers. It is not Cold War era to do such operation against one of Main Branches Of USA Federal Government. They have to right to the truth. We witnessed intentional lies and misleading information to make status quo appear as fitting to representative. What happens to all of that American values? Senate and Congress need liberation from lie. General Joseph Vogel lied to Senate Armed forces committee eSpecially about Russia's intents and Role Russia plays in Syria. General Joseph said that Putin has not taken part in defeating ISIS but in reality Russia took part as most effective player in campaign against ISIS. America only killed 7 ISIS soldiers in its war on ISIS via air strikes. They are lying to Congress and Senate when they are called to debrief and brief Elected Officials. They stated that conflict and bloodshed in Syria is Russian fault while Russia is not even bombing eastern Ghouta. Russia wants to successfully end war and achieve peace to improve its image. Yet general general Joseph Vogel lied about Moscow’s activities. Jospeh said something like:” Russians are not focused on defeating ISIS, but rather on preserving their own influence and control over the outcome of the situation.” Russia’s intervention in Syria has nothing to do with combating terrorism or battling remnants of the Islamic State in Syria, Gen. Votel told the House committee. Joseph Vogel a four star general is misleading Senate, congress, and American public. We both know that Russian roles and intends are gaining influence and legitimacy for RUSSIA in diplomatic arena. But general Joseph votel has taken part in media campaign to point finger at Russians for bloody mess in Syria. The purpose is only to undermine Russian roles and to harm their global image. General Votel is knowingly misleading Senate.

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Currier of our News

Revival of Soul of Humanity Series Case: Robotic 801 Humans don’t have firewalls. Humans are best robot ever engineered. Every part of human body is far most complex than most advanced robot. Compare the complexity between human hand and its cells and tissues to that of Robots. I can turn people into robots and there is already Algorithms for that. The work has evolved since at least the early 1960.

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Eastern Goutha and Mind Control: Long term effect of biased Media campaign by English language news organizations on Psyche Of Emotionally invested stack holders

Eastern Goutha and Mind Control: Long term effect of biased Media campaign by English language news organizations on Psyche Of Emotionally invested stack holders

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North Korean Nuclear Program and American Response

Likely our come of Trump Policy toward North Korea. There is also advice for China and Russia concerning Golden opportunity to gain benefit from Next USA military drill. so Trump May stop the military drills. Also tell Americans you need to learn these stuff too. I also have important info for America, (Uncle Sam: All of classified nature and all in 1 video for Russia, China, and USA together to study and learn how to deal with each other)


The Four American Values are Dead: “Democracy, Capitalism, Freedom, and Independence (Liberty).”

I was trying to fix an issue with Tax Reform and they distorted the writing (absolute stealth way of writing) so Mind Control hijack of Brookline was ready to distort that. Them tried to produce a video and they also disturbed it. So just letting you know that tax reform has failed. There will be minimal benefit from tax return. When I tried to write it the afternoon there was a war state in my town. All sirens going off together as a symphony even ... I tried to write it now and some Brookline (its someones’ turf and all the local government their pigs) Mind Control Mafia comes and interrupts the report of that. I could tell you why and what is up with that but I need perfect work. (Also we have charged The Local Mind Control for lots of other things that will end with Makan Abazari forever leaving America if they fail to deliver certain things that is better for humanity and the world of Makan Abazari could have somewhere the controller of Turf is Better Angel than Brookline MA, we are on that) You know end of that is that Corporations are ready to buy stocks for cheap if they can. At the same time Stock Market is over priced. There is inflation in stock market. They not letting me write that. All that. mind control: Write it based on paper. Makan: I don’t care about it anymore because I realize America has been resetting Middle East since start of Third Millennium then by Mind Control and when we have Grand Architect work for Peace they destroyed the efforts in Sochi. Then when we try to clear Alnusra terrorist group Eastern Gutta we have UN and Media working as Slaves of Genocidal maniacs in USA deep deep state. Then if you want to do that, get economy fixed, and then harm Iranian economy by these and that. Come around and have War Lords taking Yemen. Then I will have to also make sure you don’t get that economy fixed. By the Way Capitalism has died. It is neither Royal Wealth Offices (Mind Control) not Capitalism. The fall of Capitalism is here and has been like that. It just going to be complete by that Tax Reform Trump imposed without letting me to stay as overwatch of that. (mind control: you took 101 code of Makan Abazari in Senate and had his keys blocked by John Kelly for White House then watch the out come of all of that) we are going to give chinese the ability to conquer civil Aviation Market and guide their Military Industry to match USA with or without Mind Control Help. There is also problem with global economy. This town has a problem (Mind Control: watch who is blocking Makan Abazari’s phone calls and deposits to his Bank of America account because we need a million dollar in that so he can be on the move In USA and Europe or we end up having to hand over 101, control mechanism on White House, master Key holder of Air and Space, and Overthrow counter overthrow Master Key holder, Makan Abazari, operating from Iran or Malaysia and that will be tall task to deal with as Makan Abazari is considered 7th Aspect Of Global Power superiority such as economy, Military, diplomacy, Industry, and the you get to Makan Abazari and he will not be with USA if you fail to protect him from Mind Control Mafia or break the hold of mind control over him in Brookline so he can move around and escape to new places or shielded places. Makan Abazari: I need my American shit back from White House to every detail of mind control for myself and the world as I desire and I need lots more to do all of that than American White House, These Mafia and Sabotages need to end and there is no waiting in Brookline MA This place has issues that time will not solve the hate and problems are fundamental. So count to 6 in 4 weeks from now. MIND CONTROL: We will take out one top asset of Mafia out every six hours that his travel is delayed. Now all that. We need three layers of Mandates that dictates how corporations operate. If not that then the Capitalism is long dead. Then under current circumstances we have the third layer ignored if we release it so it will be us making sure the conditions are better than this to release them. Rule number one he will write it offline and if it is anything but what is known to be by some of Mind Control we will take out your assets, the three layers are on how you spend your money for corporations and that needs to be enforced by Mind Control and by government together, it will be cap on how much you spend for certain things and how much you are obligated to pay for other things. We cannot have the current cancerous way of Mafia and Corporation managements dictate how they spend their money. And we can release the foundemental way of solving it but not when we have war in Syria and Yemen raging on. I told you we need efficient machine in Middle East anywhere Makan and us may please. There is no other way, you can not have all pieces and we are barely beholding to Humanity last line of defense against American deep state and Fully Pirated White House. Nothing of that America you knew remains. Nothing of humanity remains and earth has deep deep deep problems from AI to Mind Control Cancers taking over the house base, Mother fuckers that White House was Makan Abazari’s victory, he made trump president and it was not even much of his accomplishments. Thus democracy is also buried next to Capitalism. For we knew 4 years in advance Clinton will be president and we changed it to Trump to see John Kelly turns it into fully pirate Massachusetts’s lane. Then Trump has worst advisors and that is worst on worst in all of these. Do Democracy dead, Capitalism dead, and freedom has been long dead along with Liberty as we (Not Makan) Mind Control whole earth. By the way since when People who were behind Kennedy became the Mafias best friends? Freedom and Liberty dead for every human on the earth and Kennedy said this before he dies for saying this : “For man to be what he was born to be, free and independent.” 4 aspects of America dead and cult of America still sells the dead pieces: “Capitalism, Democracy, Freedom and Independence.” Capitalism is dead because Mind Control forces corporations to sell out, and has bigger corporations buy them as part of their new massive corporation. So when there is no competition there is no Capitalism and there is a way for them to do business to be rewarded as people and corporation and that makes the money collected in few pocket. The nobody in charge of Royal wealth offices and corporate base as mind control shadow always was now has become capable of disturbing the King’s Speech when he is writing or video recording the orders. For they get to have favors done helping their case and issue is also deeper than this there is lots of things we do not want to release in this piece so return to previous post. We need three layers of Mandates that dictates how corporations operate. If not that then the Capitalism is long dead. Then under current circumstances we have the third layer ignored if we release it so it will be us making sure the conditions are better than this to release them. Rule number one he will write it offline and if it is anything but what is known to be by some of Mind Control we will take out your assets, the three layers are on how you spend your money for corporations and that needs to be enforced by Mind Control and by government together, it will be cap on how much you spend for certain things and how much you are obligated to pay for other things. We cannot have the current cancerous way of Mafia and Corporation managements dictate how they spend their money. And we can release the foundemental way of solving it but not when we have war in Syria and Yemen raging on. I told you we need efficient machine in Middle East anywhere Makan and us may please. There is no other way, you can not have all pieces and we are barely beholding to Humanity last line of defense against American deep state and Fully Pirated White House. Nothing of that America you knew remains. Nothing of humanity remains and earth has deep deep deep problems from AI to Mind Control Cancers taking over the house base, Mother fuckers that White House was Makan Abazari’s victory, he made trump president and it was not even much of his accomplishments. Thus democracy is also buried next to Capitalism. For we knew 4 years in advance Clinton will be president and we changed it to Trump to see John Kelly turns it into fully pirate Massachusetts’s lane. Then Trump has worst advisors and that is worst on worst in all of these. Do Democracy dead, Capitalism dead, and freedom has been long dead along with Liberty as we (Not Makan) Mind Control whole earth. By the way since when People who were behind Kennedy became the Mafias best friends? Freedom and Liberty dead for every human on the earth and Kennedy said this before he dies for saying this : “For man to be what he was born to be, free and independent.” 4 aspects of America dead and cult of America still sells the dead pieces: “Capitalism, Democracy, Freedom and Independence.” The four graves. We tried to revive Independence, Freedom, Democracy and Capitalism, that is why we gave Makan Medal Of Freedom and Champion of Liberty Marathon in 2017 for his effort in 2016.

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Makan Ecoindustrial Metropolitan Engineering Products

Well, you have seen my Makan Metropolitan Ecoindustrial Engineering Trade Mark. I have several primary Metropolitan Styles (these are Civic ones): Freemason Style Built City with codes and Secrets within Design Highly Efficient City and Town Systems Computer Based Cities that can be designed Efficient or Interesting SC City (Fortified Locations) which I cannot teach… Continue reading Makan Ecoindustrial Metropolitan Engineering Products

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Intermediate Products

This Article is on production of intermediate supplies as possible investment avenue in Iran Iran imports substantial amount of its intermediate goods and products from foreign countries. But Iran has mines and resources for production of intermediate goods and products locally. Thus they can be locally developed and produced based on national resources and Iranian… Continue reading Intermediate Products

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Transit Backed Iranian Crypto Currency

Iranian cryptocurrency backed by energy is a good idea but there are other things Iran can use to back its crypto currency. Iran holds one of the largest conventional and unconventional oils reserves in the world. It is situated north of Persian gulf in the south where 40 percent of world petroleum are produced and… Continue reading Transit Backed Iranian Crypto Currency

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Libyan Warlord at the Gate of Tripoli

Haftar the Libyan Warlord is at the gate of Tripoli. We are about to lose all hopes for a democratic society in Libya. If Haftar wins we will have a dictator in charge of Libyan government thus replacing Gadhafi with another less qualified one called Haftar. They are already have closed the roads linking Tripoli… Continue reading Libyan Warlord at the Gate of Tripoli

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Iran-Pakistan-India gas Pipeline

I have gas pipeline needing extension to Pakistan cities and Industries. Does India want to invest in extending it all the way to India and help Pakistan with Financing their side of pipeline. India can subtract the investment cost for Pakistani side of pipeline from toll fee or better said from gas delivery fee in… Continue reading Iran-Pakistan-India gas Pipeline

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Why UN and US Presidents lack the power to make hard choices for right reasons

USA and west have no choice but to support Rebels and concentrate their efforts on bringing down of The Assad regime. They have no choice either because the choice had been handed over to them by previous administration or they are mind controlled and are raised to not consider the alternative due to strict mind control and psychological programming . Example is the French Foreign Policy and Macron where they are mind controlled and don’t even see the alternative. They mind controlled to tune into symphony of Western Plot, a Long term Strategy as dictated 40 years ago. The strategy intensity and severity had been tuned up against Muslim world again about 8 years ago after Bush invasion. During Bush invasion Blair had no choice as I saw the reports released in 2016 concerning Iraq war and Blair. Blair was compelled to invade Iraq with America. Do you see Theresa may having the power to say we support Assad in post Syrian Civil War? She will return with smashed tomatoes on her head. Boris Johnson has the guts for that but they are assaulting his image from every direction. Boris Johnson lacks the power as foreign minister to take strategic choices such as supporting Assad. Yet Boris Johnson nor any other foreign Minister has the job of deciding for foreign Policy of Britain.

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TAX Reform and Senator Franken

‪ SenFranken was politically assassinated by rape files ( #MeToo ) he was supposed to play our control mechanism over Tax Reform process so companies and mind control Mafias don’t break the back of American tax system and regulation regiment. He would have spearheaded amendments, given speeches, and made sure neither America nor private being… Continue reading TAX Reform and Senator Franken

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Effect of Directed Energy on Human Body and Mind

Effect of Directed Energy on Human Body and Mind

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Important, classified mines need monitoring and study

Analytical instruments needed for industrial analysis of content of some mines. There is also requirement of throughout scan of mines to completely understand size and content of the mines in question. The data on their own may suffice but people who will going to monitor and take actions may need training to understand the data. There can be classified material in between other material and we need analytical Instruments for such cases. The instruments can be paid for but the scans needs to be done by USA classified technology. I wrote this Material last night and did not release them because mind control has been hijacking the show every time we try to write that. I tried in Canada and I tried in Boston. After long delay I am finally going to post this very important material on my Blog. This one is about mining sector in Iran that needs guarding and protection. We had said those mines cost 1 trillion dollar quarterly for rent. But there is sub 500 million dollar in revenue. More importantly they are important as they are critical for balance of power and USA is losing in this. The far more important point is we have left those material untouched since 1970 until we have better technology and some actors are changing them beyond possibility of recovery for earning some dollar bills as they have been delaying release of this for they have great influence on Mind Control of Brookline MA and hotel I was at in Canada the first night. Makan Abazari and Alfa Team

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Nuclear Reactor powered Air Plane

It is Article on design of air planes that have nuclear reactor on board and work with nuclear power. This planes can act as mothership and charge other air planes in vicinity of them. There are other technologies are discussed here so do not miss out.

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Road Map for ending Syrian War

Dear President Erdogan, We need Peace established in Middle East. We need to prevent segregation of Syria We need you to work with Central Syrian government We need you to establish Syrian central government authority in cities you take in North of Syria We need your help to liberate Syrian regions in the north my friend Erdogan In order to prevent break up of Syria we need it to be unified under current central government If our goal is maintaining unity of Syria then there is one way forward; Syrian current central government getting full control of the country. We can have that by establishing administrative centers controlled by government and have security with Rebels and Turkey and Popular Syrian army If it is kept up as (planned civil war or post Turkish take over WITHOUT central government leadership). We will have period of peace maintained by guarantors. That will lead to occupations and long segregation period between south and north. That will lead to world getting used to two Syria. Then they will draw a line and will say it is north and it is south Syria. Like Korea. We cannot allow that. So we will have next. Otherwise there will be all-out war and a world war. A world war or a conflict with no mercy that will simply remove Americans totally out of the Middle East military bases and Israel also will not be spared. We have to make sure Syrian unity is maintained. But if Turkey listen to me and hand over the region to Syrian central government. We have plan of Unifying Middle East into one Economic and Security block from Libya to Pakistan and Afghanistan. Under one block similar to EU but every country larger than Germany. We have secret keepers. We know how to build a Manhattan in Turkish Coast or Syrian coast in 2 years. We know how to do it while making money and generating more wealth. We have cultural, regional, and people integration and cultural exchanges planned for Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey for first phase of our counter plot. Kurds will be a part of Special Forces for Persian Gulf and Bob al Mandib which will be deployed to bring peace in case of sudden break out of conflict. Even if there is conflict in Eastern Europe or Balkan we send Kurds. Kurds as Peace keeper to deal with the scenarios of contingency. Trump: “We will build the Trump wall on Border of USA and Mexico by establishing Kurdish separation barrier on American side of border. So those mean Mexican don’t send Rapists and criminals into USA” (Trump: I did not say that)

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Mike Pompeo and John Kelly Cases

You call us and say: “You do ‘t know what is good for my condition. You don’t trust these doctors. So you ask us what should we do?” I tell you: “ You need to remove that John Kelly form Office after he is done with security clearance mission for White House staff. Also Gerald… Continue reading Mike Pompeo and John Kelly Cases

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Grand Architect

According Grand Architect who coordinates the events, so they fall on the right day and time, the American compulsory behaviors have has brought about the failing of their long terms plans. The story is the following. The Syrian War was planned to end about its 7 years mark. The goal was to have the war ending on the day of Syrian Peoples Conference held in Sochi. Makan Abazari even invited American representatives. But they refused to come. The previous Winter Olympics was held in Sochi. The Syrian People Peace Congress was held few days before the Pyongchang Winter Olympics. Sochi Russia was the host of previous Olympics in addition to peace conference. The Syrian People Congress was held on Sochi Russia. It was planned years earlier. Before Trump was the President. It would have ended the Syrian war right before the start of Olympics. Have you seen all those horrible scenes? Yet America had extended the War for compulsory behaviors of some ruling elite in USA.

Geopolitics, Physics, Science

Gravitational Waves and American Space Program

Gravitational Waves move almost instantly in their gravitation field. Thus the electromagnetic waves we sense at same time as Gravitational waves are not produced at the same time as effect we sense as gravitational waves. Gravitational waves move faster than speed of light and they do so almost instantly. Then they arrive at our observatories and disturb electromagnetic waves arriving at same time. The electromagnetic waves were produced millions of years earlier than gravitational wave ripple effects. The studies concerning black holes and collision of black holes need to take these into account. We are not allowed to use data here but by study of Magnetars and Pulsar and change in their activities at the time of gravitational waves we can proof this.

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Promotion of Permanent structured cooperation on security and Defense or PESCO

Push backed by France UK, and America for resolution against Iran for arming Houthi Yemenis. But first thing first. Iran has not armed Houthi since early 2015. The missiles were left there from era when it was south and north Yemen. But why does the British and France backed this proposal for resolution against Iran? Even when everyone with limited intelligence on matter knows the facts here to be true. France has two assets belonging to space monkey complex of Mafia. Its defense minister and foreign minister. Macron himself is a good person and a fine leader. But his cabinet are not the best people. Specially defense and foreign minister who must be removed. Why does it saddens me to see this? I supported both British and France Military industry by inking of a purchase from Qataris. I spent from my diplomatic credits to ask Qatar purchase those military equipment. You owes to me that your customerless equipment now have customers and are at work. I designed the plan of EU protectionism of its military industry. You both owe it to me for without me you would have not sold those. Without me and my directives you would have not comprehended the need for such formation by Europeans. I worked with my friends on balance of power sit on the project called Promotion of Permanent structured cooperation on security and Defense or PESCO. Because I saw that USA military Industry is prime shopping spot for military equipment while Britain and France have hard time to pay for expenses. Thus for research to production you needed protectionism for your military industry. We helped you with that work, we used Makan Abazari’s Master Key on world order to get that coalition. Thus you got it and now you have yourself to protect yourself and us to help you. But what you did was a backstab. When you pushed for that UN resolution proposal. Problem arises from mind control in international arena. Where Netanyahu spearheads lies and lies against Iranian people. Reminds me of Hitler nonstop speeches concerning Jewish people. A little bit harsh to Netanyahu but there are striking similarities. Then they have their own assets within these governments to follow orders of their master, Netanyahu, and thus push for resolutions and such. These are very obvious to those who understand mind control. Thus you betrayed us one another round. Now all that Makan Abazari


America Mind Control targeted Iranian Passenger Plane killing 66

We recently received intelligence indicating America has shot down Iranian Plane by use of directed Energy weapons or by means of precisely engineered fault in mechanism of processing maintaining of plane by using mind control. The American Mind control establishment already taken responsibility for downing of the plane and previously had taken responsibility for every… Continue reading America Mind Control targeted Iranian Passenger Plane killing 66


Balkan Little Peace. Little Piece of Balkan. Where is Mccen Albright? You mean Makan Abazari? I am here. By the Way France was Engol Land since when England took name of France and France took name of Fars? France used to be a Balkan. (I even had this post have my location, I am here in Boston)

I need a high way from Sarajevo to Makaraska Croatia. Bosnia Herzegovina should join the European Union. I can also accept that into my middle Eastern or meddetranean Super State if it comes with Croatia. I own a City Called Makaraska in Croatia. I own Makran Sistan Baluchistan and I own Markhan Toronto, and I… Continue reading Balkan Little Peace. Little Piece of Balkan. Where is Mccen Albright? You mean Makan Abazari? I am here. By the Way France was Engol Land since when England took name of France and France took name of Fars? France used to be a Balkan. (I even had this post have my location, I am here in Boston)

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Protests in Tel Aviv

We see yet another self-preservation strategy by Benjamin Netanyahu. Today 2/17/2018 there was large protest in Tel Aviv people demanding removal of Netanyahu for full host of reasons. The media only mentions corruption charges and protests are barely related to criminal charges. They started because of another issues and they have evolved to something far… Continue reading Protests in Tel Aviv

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Polar Shift, West to East, Shanghai Replacing New York Stock Exchange

Asian stock market and stock exchanges should stop reacting to American Stock Markets and Stock exchanges. We have entered new economic era. In this economic era things are different. American stock Market should look at Asian Market, Specially Chinese stock market and see how they are doing and then adjust the trading and value of stocks to trading in Chinese Stock Market. Thus America reacts to Asia and America looks at Chinese trading to adjust the value of stock. Chinese Market now is heart of Stock Market on the globe and America is dethroned. It is only time until people learn to fix their trading behavior to new era and its standards. Why is that? Size of Chinese economy is 4 times size of American economy. Yes GDP shows higher GDP for USA but that is just on surface. Let me explain to you what I mean. A worker in America is paid 3000 dollar for same job Chinese are paid 200 monthly. Then the production of both are either equal or much higher by the Chinese worker. So there is underlying and invisible factor to size of economy of nations. Then there is industrial capabilities, economic policies, and arms of Chinese development machine that is efficient, capable, rich, and experienced. They can develop the world without any help. They can build infrastructures America has not built for decades and they are building more every day. The Chinese workforce is experienced and is skilled and can take care of any task as they are doing it routinely. China is building OBOR, Chinese Silk Road Project. That is the largest earth project since Persian Royal roads built 2500 years ago and Iranian tunnels and Rail Road system at the time of World War 2, the main thing that helped the survival of the world from Nazi War Machine. Yes, scale of OBOR or modern Silk Road is massive. It will strengthen global economy and gives the earth capability to grow, develop, and gives every citizen better share of global growth. China is developing economies from Africa and South America and doing projects in Middle East, USA, and England. There are many example of these such as nuclear reactor for England and Harvard Science center in Boston MA. Both are being built by china and Chinese investments. (I asked someone to finance that but they failed to do that. That stupid Pence signed for that Chinese Harvard Science Center). That is not limited to Nuclear reactors in England but Chinese global developments include strategic industries, rail roads, ports, roads, factories, and even new tier of industries built by Chinese globally.’ I like that good earth China. That is better than American independence. It reminds me of the time when I colonized the Earth as Iranian King’ the Great Great Grand pa said. Chinese good earth is also better than that American independence. For what Nations received as independence states was American economic sabotages and mind controlled leaders incapable of decisions so basic. When size of Chinese economy is 4 times American economy. Yet America is incapable of building infrastructure while China is building it on the rest of earth and is capable of building 5 more layers of theirs on and around their current infrastructures. When China produces all the products and America is left with nothing. When America owes trillions of dollar and cannot even make an extra dollar whole year. Then what is left that make NYSE and Wall Street the Makkah of Stock Markets? Nothing that Wall Street and New York Stock Market have dethroned and it is only matter of time for world to Adjust itself to Chinese Stock Market a and Chinese Trades. Don’t forget America economy is appearing larger because the expense of Services and Manufacturing is much higher. So you pay 3000 dollar for construction worker which turns your GDP to much higher than Chinese while Chinese doing much more productive work for far cheaper. SO it appears as deceptive as it is in GDP. Making American economy appearing as large as or maybe bigger than Chinese Economy but that is just a deception of American economy. The reality is Chinese economy is minimum 4 times American economy and China has far larger potential for growth than American one. There is also value of dollar that is falling down. It is synthetically kept up and since BRICKS and Russia working on a new currency for trade the Dollar is going to fall lower. The only catch here is ability of America to manipulate events, synthetically, with mind control in stock markets and in governments by influencing leaders. These may conceal long term direction of things and make it appearing as opposite at times. There can also be dangers along the road and I am giving you heads up since some in mind control, hungry for wealth and power, may weaponize these information. So you need to be careful during period of instability and adjustment. Adjustment to the eastern stock markets as The New Leader of Stock Exchanges.


Archiving this for future release (gravitational waves)

These are fundamentals of any space Program for United States of America, the conglomerate that has exclusivities from Semi Conductors to Space X and Tesla cars shall forever be in Canada as head quarters and decision making. Until further notice. If they are to become American or be taken over by US based interest groups… Continue reading Archiving this for future release (gravitational waves)

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Polar Shift in Synchronization Of Stock Markets

This is time for international and global stock markets to adjust themselves to Asian Markets and thus react primarily to Chinese stock markets. Thus everyone should tune their trading behavior to Chinese stock market and its trading behaviors. The NewYork Stock Market now lacks the powerful economy behind its prime status as it used to have a decade ago. We have hidden away this fact for about a decade to maintain NewYork stock exchange as the primary and top stock market in the world. It is now the time to share with you this important and fundamental truth. You can adjust yourself overtime to this hidden reality. The reality that Chinese Stock Markets should be looked as the Prime Stock Market and where every other stock market and trader globally look to and adjust themselves to. It will take time and it will be a process taking full effect in long term. In long run it will become the routine and habit of traders and stock market synchronization. But more importantly It needs a trigger to start happening and this is the trigger. It is new Lunar Year and according Chinese Calendar it is the Year of Dog. Thus we decided to give Chinese a New Year gift. Today is the hour zero and in time Chinese Stock Markets will totally replace status of American Stock Markets as leading Stock Market Of Earth. We built a Manhattan in NewYork after first one in Iran (Bandar Abbas) was destroyed and its stock market was replaced by Wall Street. It has come the time for movement of the throne yet another time. Wall Street and NYSE statues shall be replaced by China. A Royal Slap by Makan Abazari.

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World Economy and Mafia Of Mind Control Explained

These stuff explaining what happened recently in Asian Stock Markets and connection of it deep state and Mafia. There is not much else about economy but classified root and mechanisms of business which no one on stock market knows. We are not stating there is going to be a change up or down in any direction and we are not taking responsibility. Business Corporate Intelligence, Corporate Business Counter Intelligence

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Crypto Currency Scandal

Classified Agency Reports: We also did not like wealth transfer carried out by Crypto Currency manipulation. It served as a Robbery. Then they panama watered over the wealth criminally transferred. (Panama watering is when wealth changes hand too many times until the initial owner is impossible to track even for all intelligence agencies of the… Continue reading Crypto Currency Scandal

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Uncounted Victims from Iraq to Afghanestan

The original Article Source, I copied and pasted here so if you need to put them for text to speech you have easier time Makan:" I agree we need an anti war movement in America which not only follows methods of anti war movement of Vietnam era but also comes out openly and shams Think… Continue reading Uncounted Victims from Iraq to Afghanestan

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Middle East: Saudi and Iran, Kuwait event for Financing of Iraq Reconstruction

This is set of guidelines for State Department and Tillerson team from Office Of Intelligence Communication. It provides directives for Tillerson in seeking to mend ties between Iraq and Saudi. We need and we desire end to regional rivalry between these two Muslim nations. It is not in our interest to exasperate the conflict and confrontation in region. We should not be taking parts and cause further distance between these nations. This division causing behavior have started having global implications that are not desirable at any cost. Thus we need Tillerson to pursue friendship between Iran and Saudi. Opening of Saudi Embassy in Iran could be a great achievement on Secretery Tillerson Resume.

CIA, Dubai, Geopolitics, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Mecca, Middle East, Peace, Pilgramage, Plot Twists of Middle East, Qatar, Saudi, Syria, Turkey, UAE

Complex Plot Twists Of Middle East, Experts Case

This article explains some of the most complex plot twists in Middle East and serves as expert training to those who want to prevent genocides, cycles of hate, and maintain the brotherhood of Human race. This case details some of deepest criminal cases of geopolitics by double mind control of both bases against their own interests. Dividing Middle East into Eastern and Western Blocks. Now it is time to end this enmity and conflict or we will have public education on the plot twists among Masses of Muslims. Now all these all of these by Makan Abazari and friends of human race.


Material on effect of waves on Body and Brain

I copy pasted a book for you concerning some of evidence and history of effects of waves on human physiology and psychology. It fails to mention everyone on earth is mind controlled by super computers. I have not fully read this book. I rather had the article presented to DUMA by scientists concerning unknown groups… Continue reading Material on effect of waves on Body and Brain

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War on Passenger Jets in Quest for Conquest Of Airways and Market shares

Check out my Article: It touches the surface on issue of Cold War in Aviation industry and several methods by which they effect the mind of the repairmen, investigators, and even engineers. Thus they leave small flaw in the plane to be exploited or to plainly cause crashing of the plane. It is not a… Continue reading War on Passenger Jets in Quest for Conquest Of Airways and Market shares

Civil Aviation, Commercial Aviation, Criminal Cases, Geopolitics

War on Civil Aviation, Case: An-148-100B Saratov Airlines

This Article touches on one of the oldest method of bringing down Aviation Industry Of competitors since the Cold War era. America is considered the absolute expert in this method and America has carried every single sabotage of this kind since the dawn of the civil aviation battle front between communism and capitalism. Cold War end and Capitalism has kept Airbus and Boeing while pursuing others in multiple front as a predator.

Geopolitics, Iran, JCPOA, Manhattan, North Korea, Russia, South Korea

Russian Role For Peace Negotiation between two Koreas

Time for change in diplomatic team for Peace negotiation between two Koreas. Makan Abazari, the Manhattan.

Geopolitics, Psychotronics, Science

How Mind Control Happens Simplified

It shows mind control from Data generation for each given citizen of the world to transmission and manifestation. It also shows where infrastructure usually are located and how they interact with many varying communication lines and methods between the final transmitter and initial Supercomputer generating the files.

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North Korean Earth and South Korean Earth, then Separation Barrier As defender of the rest, Sphere and Hemispheres, the Planet Earth.

North Korean Earth and South Korean Earth, then Separation Barrier As defender of the rest, Sphere and Hemispheres, the Planet Earth. At the time of Korean War US and South Korea fought tooth to nail. It was not just battle for Korea but it was battle for the earth. America had nuclear bombs while North… Continue reading North Korean Earth and South Korean Earth, then Separation Barrier As defender of the rest, Sphere and Hemispheres, the Planet Earth.

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Directive on Middle East Policy

We need a policy that seeks peace and harmony in Middle East. The peaceful place where peoples of different cultures, ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds can meet and exchange ideas. To turn the region to its historical role as bridge between South, North, East, and West a place where people meet, integrate and melt into new molded fold and shape. To get there we first need to reestablish bounds and connections locally between Kurds and Turks, Fars and Arabs, Pakis and Fars, Pashtun and Indian, Tajik and Jewish, Armenians and Turks and so on. (Uncle Sam: Yeah there are so many, there is a mini Europe in Iran alone). This will mean end to wars. Construction of roads, raid roads, metropolitans, increase in regional air travel, industrial and Economical exchange and integration. It will translate to security for Israel and real prospect for Israel to benefit from its strategic location unlike now where Israel is only an isolated Island in Middle East. It also means prevention of division of nations and respect the boundaries. Example Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Iran will be the Northern Block while Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan will Be Eastern wing. Saudi Iran and Gulf will be the Gulf wing. There are also other wings and all nations should be accepted, respected, and allied in the region. The cheap trick of mass murder by Mind Control in Mecca Saudi has lead to division of Iran and Saudi. We need to establish the bound and friendship between Iran and Saudi or I will have something as one trick shot that will turn masses extremely angry at USA and then Saudi for failing to even notice it. Alliance and new Economic Zone down the road, all inclusive. Remember Iran doing word order and balance of power duties and if you push too much against Iran the system AO breaks American interests and twist the system in massive scales to balance the world.

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Applied Mass Psychology in Geopolitics Dynamics and Election Meddling Mechanics, then add Psychotronics Synthetics and Kinetics

Extremely classified material with great sociopolitical implication. Just adding it to my archives via links. Makan Abazari. It includes material top secrets sap one and ultra classified as basics and prerequisite to read them, it has applications mentioned people with conclusive ultra access are not qualified to know. Then includes material and method and it is 2017 and 2016 applied disciplines.

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America setting up separation barriers between Ethnicities and Cultures

This an Article on America current move in Syria to produce a separation barrier between three regional countries. Thus dividing Turkey, Syria, and Iraq into three separate islands and blocking construction of Efficient Metropolitan we need to use for propelling the region into peace and prosperity. There are old city building markings and codes engraved in the name of the villages and street names in region where you can see these were meant to be fixed decades ago and they are still delaying that, now on the city building stuff Uncle Sam wants me to talk about: FreeMasons, Shah Shar, Khomeini Shahr, and Savak City Building plans have been left behind for us to build the region. Uncle Sam: “Don’t forget computer generated city like Mcmansions going arcs arcs arcs, then change the angle of the arc to that direction then arc wide, then turn around in this angel then go straight for 3 second at this speed, again change direction on gear 3arch, now arc arc arc, then go straight make parallel roadto make it like straight from outside , now circle this circle that while staying in cubic shape for location of my McMansion complex, now can you find King’s house? No? You can not even comprehend the entrance to my Mcmansions complex. (McMansion computer city)Ok now bring the bulldozer and flat that Mc Mansion and build these that, and that, place these also at the gate of that, now build underground facility bellow that for getting to bunker hill if this happens to that. Then build this houses on the Macmansions in connected fashions with doors only inward to the center of cubic. Then make it full circle and one stairway so you can only walk up here. Then we build a tunnel under the hill getting to the obscure street. From there you can go where ever . (Savak City With Khomeini Shahr around it in Middle Of Freemason City) There are lots of that, don’t worry we got more than that. We can also build Venice in underground Facility in Iraq where you can get on boats instead of metros and trains while growing amphibious creatures in an engineered ecosystem by directed evolution. Yeah all of that. By Makan Abazari